ECOcurious was a startup I worked on for over a year and tried to bring from ideation to reality. It is the reason I got into mobile development; the idea was to send a box of activities to families in NYC monthly to bring environmental education to households.

Each box needed to represent our three tenets (social conscience, environmental stewardship, and design thinking), all while engaging kids and their parents through outdoor exploration. The contents needed to be thought provoking, asking "why?" instead of just handing kids the answers to their questions. The aim was to encourage kids to leave screens behind and venture outside. The idea was that it's how we deliver nature and design-based education in early years that will solidify one's relationship with the natural world, allowing technology to build on that connection instead of replacing it. 

While we wanted to separate technology from outdoor exploration, we didn't want to eschew it; we were very aware of the power that consumer devices have and their potential influence, and so we thought about building an app for kids and their parents. Using the app and doing the activities were meant to be entirely separate things, although they were going to build on one another. This is ultimately what led me to mobile development: the desire to empower families through educational applications that can easily be downloaded, easily navigated and effectively utilized.

We were accepted to a startup incubator called the Millennial Trains Projects. We traveled across the country workshopping our ideas, ultimately presenting on a panel at the White House (Office of Social Innovation).